Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is an expert in emotional direct response marketing for the retail mortgage origination industry. Tucker is the creator of a comprehensive mortgage marketing System that is unlike anything else used in the mortgage industry.

Tucker’s mortgage marketing System does not sell “rate & fee.” In fact, the System doesn’t even sell “a mortgage” as the widget used to solve borrowers’ problems.

Tucker’s mortgage marketing System generates scores of prime & non-prime “forward mortgage” refinance borrowers, as well as scores of “reverse mortgage” borrowers, that apply nowhere else.

This gives his Area-exclusive licensees what he calls “de-commoditization” in the marketplace. Tucker’s mortgage marketing System focuses upon borrowers’ problems & agitations…and the benefits & solutions they want, not on the “how” of how all that’s done.

Tucker’s Area-exclusive licensees are viewed by their borrowers as what he calls “non-‘mortgage’ guys,” and financial gurus.

What’s so remarkable about Tucker’s System, is that in 95% of all transactions, the borrowers never ask “what’s the fee?” And in 90% of transactions, they never ask “what’s the rate?” Tucker tells you more in his free report at www.MortgageMarketingGenius.com.