How To Create An Incomparable Comparison – Same Is Lame

You must create an apples to oranges comparison

If you’re frustrated or tired of dealing with the commodity approach to your industry …

You know…people calling up asking your rates or prices, unrealistic expectations of what they can get or what the cost should be, low balled by internet price shoppers…

You need to pay close attention to this foundation.

You see, if you create a unique enough buying experience and buying environment for your customers, they will find it very difficult to compare you to other options – like the guy down the street or the big money heavily branded national companies.

When you focus on the emotional factors that cause people to buy or not buy – and you become an expert in the minds of your prospects, you’ll be able to create a unique experience that will be difficult for them to find anywhere else.

The Internet makes this more important than ever. People are doing all of their homework online, then coming in and acting like they know all about your business because they did a search. You can stop this process dead in its tracks by creating something that is impossible to compare to.

You need to create something people can’t compare.

Think about it…just as an example, let’s say you’re a mortgage broker selling a 30 year fixed mortgage and the guy down the street is selling the same 30 year fixed, same terms, same lender, then there is nothing to compare but price.

But if you create more than just the price…if you offer something vastly different – from your personality, to the systems you have in place, to the marketing, to your guarantee, to your added value, to your follow up, to your consumer education…then the transactions are not exactly the same.

It becomes more difficult for the customer to compare you to the other options.

Ultimately you can reduce price anxiety – and remove price from the negotiating table. That’s a powerful advantage.

It’s not to say that you can ridiculously overcharge…but you can definitely get a slight edge against your competition by beefing up your profits – and having customers who gladly pay the extra.