Your Most Valuable Asset – Use Your List

The most valuable asset a small business and independent sales professional has is not their car, their office or the staff – it’s the database of customers and prospects.

Here’s a tidbit of confidential information you need to know.

The easiest and cheapest people to sell to are your past customers. Your past customers are your quickest source of cash. They are the low hanging fruit.

Whether it’s selling them again on the same product or service or upgrading their current level of service with you, cross-selling them on something new or helping one of their friends or family members, your past customers can provide instant new business.

The key to harnessing the power of your past customers is to capture their information and keep it updated and organized.

The problem is that most small businesses and independent sales professionals’ databases are total junk. They are not updated and they do not capture all the customer information they need. You should be collecting the data on people who just call and get a quote as well as people who actually do business with you.

Of course, you know that sending email is free. But 19 out of 20 independent small businesses and independent sales professionals don’t use email to communicate with prospects and past customers.

Why do you think that is?

It’s a combination of things…

People like to do things the way they always did things…they’re resistant to change. Plus, they like to do things the way everyone else does things. But if you do things “the normal way” you’ll get normal results. If you want to get “remarkable” results – you need to take remarkable action.

Another reason is that small businesses and independent sales professionals don’t know how to use email – they don’t have the right tools at their disposal.

Get your list in order and learn how to use email.

It’s easy – and profitable.