The One Thing That Must Be Present In All Your Ads – GPS

When someone is shopping for your product or service today, they have 1000 options.

All the other competitors in town plus all the options online.

With so many options, why in the world would a customer choose you?

99% of all small businesses and independent sales professionals can’t answer that question.

And if you can’t answer it, how can you expect your customers to answer it?

You have to create a reason. We call this reason a GPS or Gravitational Positioning Statement. A GPS is a COMPELLING statement someone would use to choose you over the 1000 other options they have available to them. A GPS is a buying preference, an irresistible offer and it needs to be good…REAL GOOD.

We call this a Gravitational Positional Statement because if yours is good enough, it can literally pull customers to you like gravity pulls objects to earth.

Our marketing system can help you create a GPS that will give you a natural, powerful force that draws in customers in herds.

WARNING: All the standard reasons and GPS concepts you are thinking about don’t count.

What do we mean by standard?

You know the crappy ideas that most people come up with when they try to poop out a quick, simple answer to one of the biggest pieces of their marketing. Some bad examples of this would be…

  • Your Customer Service
  • Your Staff
  • Better Selection
  • Better Mousetrap

Crap, Crap, Crap!!!

You have to be better than that. Those are cliché junk statements that every small business and sales person uses and that every customer has been programmed to ignore. It doesn’t work so don’t even think about it.