Successful Marketers Don’t Use Guesswork – Results

Louis Gerstner, chairman of IBM, says, “you can’t manage anything that you can’t measure.”

Obvious, yet profound.

As we said before, traditional advertising generally only works by chance. The truth is, all advertising is a guess. What works for one business may not work at yours.

What worked last year, may not work today.

The key is to constantly run small tests, measure the results, and roll out your system on a larger scale.

But if you can’t measure the results – as is the case with traditional marketing – you can never know what works and what doesn’t – so you have to keep doing everything. That’s why the agencies and the media made it this way.

So you spend lots of money and never quit.

John Wanamaker said, “I know fifty percent of my advertising is wasted…I just don’t know which fifty percent.”

We know it’s the same scenario in most independent small businesses and independent sales professionals’ stores and you know it is that way at yours.


Stop wasting money now.

What if we could show you how to stop the endless waste you create with your marketing every month?

What if we could teach you a skill that you can use forever anytime you are trying to sell or any other business venture that would make you able to know what a good place to spend your marketing dollars is and what was a worthless hole.