How To Make People Buy What You Sell – Create An Emotional Connection

All Buying Decisions Are Made On Emotion – Not Logic.

Ok…This is gold. That’s right…this is the one piece of information that if you truly master can make you rich. I’m about to give away the goose.

Here it is…people buy solely on emotions. This is so valuable that it begs to be repeated. People buy solely on emotions.

If you retain nothing else from this mini-course, this one piece of information is well worth the price you paid .

If people are emotionally committed to you they will buy from you. If people are emotionally attached to your products they will buy your product.

But why would someone ever be emotionally committed to a product or a service? They wouldn’t! They don’t!

They never will be!

The emotional commitment comes from people’s pain and your ability to resolve it. That’s right, pain. Every potential customer of your business suffers pain. Fortunately for you, pain is a powerful and uncomfortable emotion that people are constantly looking for ways to alleviate.

You need to uncover their pain and link a unique benefit of your product to its resolution. People are not emotionally committed to products and services. They are emotionally committed to the benefit of pain resolution.

People are emotionally committed to the unique pain relieving benefits that your product or service offers them.

They are emotionally committed to a dream, a wish, a hope, a vision of the absence of some pain that they have mentally created, that your product or service makes possible.

It is this dream, wish, hope or vision of the absence of a particular pain that makes them buy. You must uncover your prospects’ pain…then you must create an unyielding emotional link to the dissipation of that pain so that they can create a euphoric reality around the benefits it offers.

Masters of this never have customers who return with buyer’s remorse, never have unhappy customers and never have bad word of mouth or anything of the sort.

And when you cure a pain that is great enough, price becomes a non-issue. What you will have is strong relationships with customers who are emotional about what you do and not concerned with price. In that regard, emotion is the reciprocal of price as a sales tool. Don’t lower your price; increase your emotional appeal.