The Low Hanging Fruit In Your Business – Capitalize On Repeat & Referral Business

Did you know it’s cheaper and easier to satisfy the customers you have than it is to get new customers?


Would you believe there are still people out there letting customers leave UNHAPPY. It seems outrageous, but is happens daily in your town and mine.

With as much as it can cost to get a single lead, why in the world would you even consider allowing someone to leave unhappy?

A lot of people do a lot of jaw-jabbering about “good service.” In fact, most businesses who have garbage service are the ones who talk about having “good service” the most.

What a joke!

You see, customer service is worthless to talk about in your advertising. Nobody is going to do business with you (or even call you) because you said you have good service.

People expect good service. People have a right to be treated well. It’s not until they’re let down that it starts to matter.

People don’t generally go in expecting to be treated like slime and even if they are concerned about it because they have been burned in the past do you actually think you saying you have “great service” is going to convince them? So there’s really no point advertising about it.

But it is crucial that you don’t mess it up. You see, if you do a crummy job, people will definitely talk about it. If you do a great job, people might talk about it (more on that another day).

Most importantly, doing a great job with your existing customers is a great way to ensure they return and buy again!

In addition to giving good service, you should have an active system in place to consistently and relentlessly stay in touch with past customers. Newsletter, birthday cards, customer appreciate events.

Use anything that allows you to stay in front of them and ask for their business or their referral again.

So many small businesses and independent sales professionals are so focused ONLY on getting more leads.

But maximizing your existing lead flow – by increasing closing ratios, increasing satisfaction, and staying in touch with people – is much more efficient.